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Northan is the brand name of Ravi's Lubricants established by Mr. Ravi Singh in 2015.Northan is the leading lubricant, Engine Oil & Grease Manufacturing Company based on Nagoi, Delhi& Sitamarhi. We manufacture under the core values of quality, reliability, innovation, and performance with the customer satisfaction. Our state-of the-art manufacturing facility is equipped with the latest technology machinery, which enables us to deliver lubricants with highest standards in performance & efficiency that helps us in rise customer satisfaction. Our manufacturing team are highly qualified & experienced engineers who develop the high quality lubricants and engine oil with cost effective successful formulations, which will continue to develop demand more and more in factory industries, automobiles sector. Our products are available in many of the viscosity in market with packing capacity of half liter to 20 liter, and will ensures the highest standards in operational and extremely environment friendly with health and safety of employees.

Ravi Singh

CEO & Founder

Northan Lubricants mission is to develop high quality lubricants for all at cost effective rate
Our Strategies follow the criteria of demulsibility, High Oxidation to resistance for high temperature. We are working with thermal stability and high viscosity index.